Trying to Lose Weight? Here Are 4 Ways to Get Started

Did you have a New Year’s Resolution to lose a certain amount of weight and now you realize you’re running out of time? I’ve been there. Did you try to reset your goal during the summer because you thought that would give you the extra motivation to get going? I’ve done that, too. Losing weight is a common goal for many people, myself included.

The problem is that it doesn’t take much to become discouraged and get off track. The benefits of maintaining a healthy weight are plentiful, but that doesn’t always provide the necessary motivation each day. After a while, you want to see results either on the scale or in the mirror to keep going.

Rather than wait to set another New Year’s Resolution destined to fail, maybe you can start now and already have your routine and momentum in place before New Year’s Day. It’s a trick that has worked for me in the past.

Maybe it’s not the motivation that has been a problem. Perhaps you didn’t have the knowledge or tools you needed to sustain your weight loss. For example, you may have taken supplements before, but are you aware of berberine’s benefits? In this article, we’ll look at some newer ideas like that along with some more traditional ways to make your weight loss journey a success this time.

1. Eat Healthy

This is not earth-shattering information, but it has to be said first because it’s simply true. The old adage that “you can’t outwork a bad diet” exists for a reason. If you are spending hours in the gym but going home and eating thousands of bad calories at night, you will never see results. I’m sure you’ve read it before, but it still tops our list here. If you haven’t taken it to heart, do it this time. You will not be able to lose weight if you are constantly eating unhealthy food at all hours of the day.

2. Berberine

If you saw this word earlier and didn’t know what it was, let me explain. Berberine benefits are wide ranging. It is found in plants and has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Berberine benefits include supporting healthy cholesterol levels and a healthy heart. Among its other benefits, berberine can support weight loss efforts when taken with a healthy diet and exercise program. Berberine’s benefits have also been linked to supporting the health of your brain and liver, so it may be worth researching even if you’re not interested in the weight loss aspect.

3. Set Realistic Goals with Measurable Steps

I believe that most weight loss plans fail because the goals are too ambitious, and people think they’ll reach them much sooner than what it realistically takes. I know that’s what caused me to stumble a few times. Before you actually start going to the gym, write down your goals so you can visualize them.

If you have a goal to lose 30 pounds, you can probably achieve it depending on your current weight and other factors. You are not going to lose 30 pounds in a month, though. Whatever your weight loss goal is, set a realistic timeline for the overall number. If it’s 30 pounds, you can set a target date of eight months. After you determine your overall timeline, establish measurable steps to track your progress. For example, you can aim to lose four pounds in one month.

4. Let Your Body Rest

You may think this is a tip for after you’ve started your weight loss program, but it can be just as effective right now. Although it’d be nice, your body is not a machine. It needs time to rest. Your body conducts essential maintenance and recovery while you sleep. If you are staying up too late or only getting a few hours of sleep each night, this can have an adverse effect on your weight.

Similarly, you will struggle to maintain a healthy weight if you are constantly stressed throughout the day. Your body reacts negatively to these factors, which can cause overeating along with other effects that will hinder your weight loss goals. Whether it is meditation, reading, or listening to music, you need to find a way to let yourself relax during the day and while you sleep.


Weight loss can be difficult. Even if you have the right motivation or plan going into it, unexpected life events or a lack of early results can cause you to lose focus and give up. These four tips are essential to getting started and staying on track. Above all, you need a healthy diet to achieve any weight loss goals. After that, you may want to research berberine’s benefits or other supplements. In combination with putting the right stuff into your body, a realistic goal and the ability to rest can help propel you the rest of the way.