How Bad Are Hamburgers Really for Weight Gain?


Hamburgers are irresistible. While it is true that hamburgers are good sources of protein, Vitamin B12, and iron, they also come with lots of problems. According to nutrition experts, the problems lie in the heavy content of calories, fat, and excess sodium, courtesy of its fatty meat, sweet ketchup, and buns.  Just … Read more

The Causes or Risk Factors That Lead to Obesity

what causes obesity unhealthy diet physical inactivity

Obesity is a condition that does not just happen while you are asleep; it develops slowly from a poor diet and an inactive lifestyle. It comes with several other diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and much more which account for millions of deaths annually. With obesity statistic worryingly growing in various … Read more

The Symptoms or Signs of Obesity

The Symptoms or Signs of Obesity

Obesity can exhibit different symptoms or signs. Most people know when they have gained weight. The most apparent signs of overweight or obesity are: – The clothes are tight and larger size is needed. – The scale shows that there has been an increase in weight. – There is excess fat around … Read more

Obesity Definition: What is Considered Obese or Overweight

Obesity Definition

Obesity is considered a disease since excess weight poses severe health problems. An obese person is at risk for diabetes, hypertension and heart disease, among other physical complications. It is defined as a medical condition, which is characterized by the accumulation of fat in the body, an increase in mass to the … Read more