Qdoba Nutrition Facts – Making Healthier Choices

People often associate fast-casual Mexican food with combo plates loaded with cheese, gigantic servings of beans, and burritos the size of a fire hydrant. Qdoba restaurants, however, understand that customers want healthy options. Qdoba offers a number of fresh and healthy meals that will taste and not destroy your waistline. You can customize your dish. However, because portion sizes are typically large, keeping your daily calorie intake below your total energy expenditure to be able to lose weight will be difficult. Below are some nutrition information on Qdoba meals and tips to make healthier choices. Please consider that their menu and nutrition information are subject to change, so check out Qdoba website for up-to-date data.

Knockout Tacos®

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Smoked Brisket Standard Builds

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Nacho Builds

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Some Ingredients for Entrées

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Some Ingredients for Kids Meals

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healthier meal choices at Qdoba

Tips for healthier meal choices at Qdoba

  • Skip the tortilla. A chicken burrito with beans and pico de gallo packs in the 660 calories when wrapped in a flour tortilla. Order that same “naked” burrito – in a bowl instead of a tortilla and the calorie count drops to 330.
  • Choose condiments wisely. Qdoba sauces are fat-free, except the roasted corn and chile sauce. Qdoba also offers cream and a spicy, tasty fat-free ranch dressing.
  • Cut your carbohydrates by saying “no” to rice. A naked Steak Fajita Ranchera Burrito – loaded with beef, ranchera sauce, beans, grilled vegetables, cheese, lettuce and cream, has 23 carbs when ordered without rice.
  • Go vegetarian. Enjoy a cup of vegetarian tortilla soup, a smooth taco of grilled vegetables and a diet soda; the calorie count is only 360. A naked Garlic Grilled Veggie Salad contains only 170 calories.
  • For a healthy breakfast, a nude breakfast burrito with chicken and pico de gallo has only 90 calories and 4 grams of fat. It is a refreshing change from fast-food breakfasts full of calories and fats.
  • Smoked Brisket Standard Builds and Nachos Builds are loaded with calories, fat, carbs, and sodium. Avoid them or at least don’t eat one serving alone.