Is Having a Pet Good for Your Health?

Today, it’s no surprise why people tend to get pets of their own, whether a dog, cat, fish or even a rabbit. With the specific feeling they provide us, sometimes it just becomes irresistible to get a pet of your own. But did you know, it’s not just a figment of our imagination that our pets help us in a lot of ways? A growing number of researches show how pets help people have a better quality of life. The fact we call them stress relievers will always be more genuine as it can be. If you have a genuine heart for pets, you will definitely enjoy this cat in vegas fun slot

Health Benefits of Having a Pet

Since it’s already clear that having a pet can significantly help us in a way, the question is, what benefits do we exactly get from having a pet? If you want to learn the positive effects of your trusted canine on you, don’t worry, we got your back.

  • Fur Doctors: As we often call ourselves fur parents to our fur babies, it’s also good to say that our pets are our natural fur doctors, too! Studies show that having a pet can help lower the risk of heart problems, plus they can also help us lower blood pressure, regardless of if you have some bad habits. Queen’s University conducted a study relating to pet owners with diabetes. Surprisingly, at least 65% of them mentioned that their pets, specifically dogs, had a behavioral reaction when their sugar levels would drop drastically. The dogs would often start whining or barking if they sensed the sudden change in their sugar levels. Amazingly, doctors trained dogs to detect prostate cancer from the urine; remarkably, 63 out of 66 patients were detected correctly by the dogs.
  • Fur Therapists: If you don’t know, today, we already consider some pets to be emotional support animals. Animals would often help an individual wherein they would have an anxiety or panic attack. It can be so random that you might see it in public. Dogs would often try to calm their owners by cuddling or sniffing them until they go back to normal. Having a pet could naturally decrease the risks of having depression or anxiety. Mainly if the bond between you and your pet is already strong, it can prevent you from having any episodes as much as possible. Overall, you’ll have a better mood every time you are with your pet, making them more than just an emotional support animal.
  • Healthier Lifestyle: Being a fur parent means having walked with your pet outside. We would often include them in our exercise regimen to make it more enjoyable; surprisingly, it significantly helps us have a healthier lifestyle. The walks we take with our pets every day will provide us some valuable time to do cardiovascular exercises. Many studies also show how beneficial these walks to pet owners are. Just 30 minutes of walk time with your pet will already provide you ample amount of exercise a day. So, not only are you spending bonding time with your pet, but you are also making yourself healthier by the day.
  • Improve Social Life: If it’s not obvious by now, most people love animals. And if you have a pet, let’s say a dog, it might be an understatement to say that it’s a natural social magnet. People would often come naturally to you to ask about your pet, thus giving you chances to improve your social life. People would even have love stories starting with their pets, so who knows, you might even meet your soulmate just by having a pet of your own. In general, people can consider pets an international language since most pet owners would often have the same goals for their pets.
  • Autism and Pets: If you have a kid with autism, you know how hard it can be for them to socialize with other kids, let alone people. Fortunately, studies show that kids who have pets tend to have better social interaction with others. Some would even behave much better around pets rather than toys. That’s why having a pet could do wonders, especially for someone who has autism. Since they can naturally help bridge the often huge gap between your kid and socializing with other people.

Pets and Benefits

Pets, in general, are beneficial to us humans. But we must make sure that we are valuable to them too. We can always say that dogs are a man’s best friend, but if you can’t be a friend to them, rest assured, you won’t have the benefits of someone who has a pet. Remember, pets have lives, and once you own one, you already have a responsibility to take care of them.