7 Ways to Accentuate Your Curves This Winter

As you pack away your sun dresses and dig out your sweaters, saying goodbye to those bright-colored tops, flowy skirts, and dresses that accentuate your assets just right, you might be just a tad bit sad. But, if you’re like me, and in your transition to colder weather you realized your winter wardrobe is outdated, it’s time for an overhaul.

If you live in a part of the world where temperatures often dip below zero, winter fashion has to have a layer of functionality, i.e., ensuring you don’t freeze your butt off when you leave your house. But just because your outfit has to be sensible doesn’t mean it can’t be on trend.

Plus size fashion has come a long way over the years (praise be to the fashion gods), with designers figuring out the best silhouettes, shapes, and patterns to accentuate all the right places on our voluptuous bodies. So before you head out on your winter fashion shopping spree, here are a few tips to highlight your beautiful curves during the impending chilly season. 

1. It’s all about balance.

The vitality of balance extends to more than yoga poses, work-life, and your diet. Balancing loose and form-fitting clothes is essential in planning a cute outfit that will ensure you look polished and fashionable. For example, if you’re wearing a bodycon dress, consider pairing it with an oversized cardigan and wide-calf boots. 

2. What’s your favorite part of your body? Highlight that.

Whether you’re blessed with perky breasts, work hard on keeping your butt round and lifted, have an hourglass shape, or love your legs, pick your favorite bodily feature and dress around it. For example, choose a cowl-neck sweater to highlight your chest. The drape of the neckline makes it so the natural shape of your bust doesn’t get buried by material. 

3. Tone down the bulk with accent pieces and careful pairing.

As I type this, I’m wearing a very bulky sweater. But it’s super soft and warm, and when I woke up on this chilly morning, it felt like I was wrapping myself in a blanket. Unfortunately, however warm and comfortable the piece might be, the oversized fit of the sweater makes me look a bit boxy. I joked with my partner that the top makes me look like the Michelin man. He disagreed, but I found the mental image wildly hilarious. So to break up the bulk, I’m wearing tight, silky pants and added a scarf. It goes back to the balancing element, mixing loose and tight pieces. 

4. Colorblocking: Your cheat to a curvier shape.

You already have beautiful curves, but sometimes, we want to give ourselves a little more. Or at least define our assets a bit more drastically. Colorblocking is a straightforward way to achieve this. Some tops have side panels colored differently than the midsection, creating a tapered waist. Other colorblock patterns are horizontal, which gives your torso dimension. 

5. Be careful how you tuck.

I love a good french tuck. But if I’m not careful, the effortlessly sophisticated look I’m going for ends up looking more disheveled than chic. To pull off a good tucked-in shirt, you must pair it with the right bottoms. An A-line skirt is my go-to when I want to tuck in my top fully. Since the shape is naturally wider at the bottom, it balances out the form-fitting illusion of the shirt. Because even if you choose a looser top to tuck in, cutting off the bottom half of the piece gives it a more form-fitting look. And be sure the waist of your bottoms falls at your natural waistline. Shirts fully tucked into lower-rise pants aren’t especially flattering (that’s where a french tuck comes in handy).

6. Be picky when purchasing tights.

There’s nothing worse than a pair of tights that don’t fit. They either sag in the groin (causing chafing, ouch) or are way too tight at the top (leaving you with indent lines for days) or some awful combination of the two. So when shopping for your next pair of tights, make sure you find a pair with a decent amount of elastic. That way, you can actually be comfortable – and stylish, too!

7. Pick a coat with a defined waist.

Fashion is usually the last thing on my mind when it’s 7 a.m., 2 degrees, and I have to face the chill to warm up my car before heading into the office. So up until this year, I never looked at my winter parkas as having any other role aside from keeping me warm. But thankfully, I found a (very warm) coat with a cinched waist. I was blown away by the difference it made in my silhouette and immediately purchased it. 

In conclusion, winter doesn’t have to be a death sentence for your style.

If you follow the tips above, you’ll be surprised at how elevated your style is from last winter. And while I can’t promise you’ll prefer your winter looks to your summer ‘fits, they’ll at least accentuate your natural curves. And that’s something worth celebrating!