Want to Detox in 2023? Here’s How

When you’re feeling bogged down, overwhelmed, low on motivation, or stuck in a rut, nothing sounds as good as detoxing your mind and body and starting fresh. While January often starts as a goal-driven month, by the time February rolls around, you may have lost your drive. The winter months can sap you of energy and motivation; if this is the case, you need a reset.

Detoxing is often thought of as a short-term process; for example, if I do this juice cleanse, my body will be reset and I’ll be good to go! While short-term cleanses have their benefits and can kick start the process, true detoxification is a continued effort of working towards your long-term goals. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to embark on the journey of making 2023 a year of reset. Once you set your goals, you’ll aim to live in a way that feeds your mind and body continually throughout the year. Although it’s natural to get off track every once in a while, if you follow these practices you’ll be able to get back on the path of wellness.

Keep reading if you want to reboot your system in 2023 and make it a year of working towards your best self!

Book Intravenous (I.V.) Therapy

Intravenous or I.V. therapy is a treatment where invaluable vitamins, nutrients, electrolytes, medicines, and other fluids are inserted into the bloodstream through an I.V. The process takes minimal time, but because of the way ingredients are inserted directly into the veins, your body can absorb them at an impressive rate, which guarantees fast results. I.V. therapy is a preventative wellness measure that will change your life, so you should include it in your detoxification journey.

Treatments offer health provisions like energy boosts, vitamin boosts, virus recovery, hydration increase, and toxin flush. Along with being a short treatment (usually between 20 minutes to an hour), finding I.V. treatment is as simple as searching for IV therapy near me.

Spend Time Outside

Nature can be incredibly healing and inspiring. The act of breathing fresh air, feeling the sun warm your body, and listening to the sounds of the world around you has an uplifting effect, which makes getting outside a key part of detoxing. You’ll feel your stress decrease, your energy lift, and your heart rate relax after a few minutes outside. Aim to spend as much time outdoors as possible, especially as the seasons change, if you want to stay grounded. Prioritize daily outside time, whether it’s taking a walk, eating a meal on the patio, taking your phone call outdoors, or doing yardwork.

Go Screen-Free

Although technology adds ease and comfort to your life, it can also be draining, stress-inducing, and damaging. The constant onslaught of news, information, and images will always have a negative effect when not balanced with technology-free time. Make sure you spend time away from your screens and live life without the extra assistance of technology when possible. You can determine what regularity is right for you, whether it’s going a few hours a day away from technology, taking social media breaks every few weeks, or powering down your devices during meals.

The result will be that your time feels like your own again. Rather than getting bogged down in information and communication, you’ll gain quality time for yourself where you can be alone with your thoughts or with loved ones.

Eat a Diet Filled with Nutrients

For an overall healthy, better you, you need to feed your body the ingredients that will get you there. One lifestyle change you can’t skip is consuming a diet of ingredients that will fuel you with nutrients and vitamins. Pass on processed foods the majority of the time and replace them with fruits and vegetables, fiber, complex carbohydrates, high-quality proteins, and healthy fats. Because life is all about balance, don’t restrict yourself from the occasional “cheat.” Rather than thinking of foods as good and bad, try to eat whole, natural ingredients 80 percent of the time and less healthy alternatives the other 20 percent.

Journal Your Thoughts

This year, get into the habit of journaling. Rather than unloading your concerns, stresses, and mental processing onto others, allow yourself to work through your thoughts and feelings on paper. It’s easy to get stuck in your thoughts, which takes away valuable room to simply breathe and examine the world around you. Anything you can transfer from your mind to paper will make you feel as though you’re clearing space in your head. Lists, frustrations, mental processing, decision making, and stress are all things you should journal about instead of endlessly spinning around in your head.

2023 will be your best year yet if you make it a year of detoxification through following these practices!