The Benefits of Eating Grapefruit in Weight Loss

The grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) diet remains a fad diet to those who are into a personal weight loss program. Since the 1930s, eating a half-fresh grapefruit before mealtime daily has been known as an effective weight-loss strategy. 

This tangy citrus fruit, which is packed with nutrients, fiber, anti-oxidants, and fat-fighting enzymes, is always considered an important element in a longevity diet due to its low calories.

Why is the grapefruit diet amazing?

A slice of grapefruit is packed with a substantial amount of Vitamin C, an important compound for slimming. Vitamin C speeds up the metabolism process in your body by 20 percent compared to other vitamins. The lycopene in grapefruit awakens the hormone in your stomach, called adiponectin, to burn fats faster.  While the fruit’s antioxidant, known as Naringenin, also quickens the burning of fats in the liver.

Plus, grapefruit contains Nootkatone compound which forms a kind of aroma that triggers you to lessen your cravings for food.

Despite having a little amount of protein, grapefruit contains 92 percent water, making your body hydrated and your stomach fuller.

Grapefruit benefits

More health benefits from eating grapefruit

Pith, the spongy white yet bitter-tasty flesh lining the rind of the grapefruit, is heavily packed with anti-oxidants and soluble fiber. The fiber contains in a grapefruit contributes a lot in lowering your cholesterol, glucose level, and even risk for colon cancer.

1. It reduces bad cholesterol level

A 2006 study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry revealed that eating grapefruit significantly helps in reducing bad cholesterol, a fat compound that blocks a person’s arteries and causes stroke, heart attacks, and other coronary artery diseases.

In the research, it was found that those who ate a grapefruit every day for a month experienced a lessening of bad cholesterol levels compared to those who did not consume any grapefruits at all.  

2. It is an immune booster

With its hefty dose of Vitamin C and A, a slice of grapefruit helps accelerate your immune system.

Grapefruit is a huge help to the elderly, especially if they are suffering from a cold.

3. It decreases blood pressure

If you are suffering from hypertension, a grapefruit is a perfect partner in your meal. The high level of potassium found in grapefruit can help defuse the effects of sodium contained in your diet.

4. It speeds up scar healing

A grapefruit, with its 72 mg of Vitamin C, helps a lot when you are suffering a scar, especially during post-surgical operations. Vitamin C speeds up the reformation of your healthy tissue and blood vessels.

5. It helps prevent cancer cells

Eating grapefruit throughout the week helps lower the chance of developing cancer cells, particularly pancreatic and prostate cancer.

Extensive research in Japan showed that people who ate citrus fruits regularly and drank green tea more often were found to have a lesser risk of developing inflammation, tumors, and cancer.

A grapefruit over a variety of dishes

Medical warning on the grapefruit diet

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned patients not to eat or combined grapefruit if they are already taking cholesterol-lowering medicines and blood-pressure-lowering drugs (like Adalat CC and Procardia under the generic nifedipine). 


The best thing about picking a grapefruit diet

Choosing a grapefruit diet in your weight loss plan is an easy and handy thing to do.  You can simply place a grapefruit in a bowl in the middle of your dining table, on a shelf, on a counter, or in the fridge. 

You can even bring it anywhere with you like a snack or comfort food.

The grapefruit’s visibility in your dining table allows you to be serious with your weight loss goal. Seeing your grapefruit in the common area inside your house or workstation makes you eat the fruit more.

If you feel tired of eating the fruit, you may also experiment with its juice. You can turn also turn it into a meal, a salad, or simply mix it with your other signature flavored beverages–including your beer!

Grapefruit diet menus you can try

Eating a grapefruit every day is not enough for your weight loss. You need to eat protein and other nutrients to go with it for you to remain healthy and survive your day.

Grapefruit diet plan

Here are some grapefruit diet ideas: 

  • Add a slice of grapefruit into your cooked shrimp
  • Toss some slices of grapefruit into your yogurt
  • Dice a grapefruit and serve over fish, chicken, or lean beef
  • Mix a grapefruit juice into a sauce
  • Add a grapefruit over a hard-cooked egg meal
  • Chop a grapefruit and mix it with your other vegetable dish
  • Mix a grapefruit juice into a bone broth
  • Toss a grapefruit in veggies sautéed in olive oil 
  • Place a grapefruit into your bowl of power protein snack
  • Toss a slice of grapefruit into your grilled chicken, lean meat, or fish
  • Add a grapefruit juice into your unlimited leafy greens, bell peppers, red onions, and herbs.
  • Toss a slice of grapefruit into your sautéd tomato and zucchini in olive oil
  • Add one-half grapefruit into your non-starchy vegetable food
  • Serve a slice of grapefruit along with protein-rich eggs or chia.
  • Serve a slice of grapefruit over 2 slices of bacon
  • Serve one-half grapefruit or 8 oz. 100 percent grapefruit juice without sugar
  • Mix a slice of grapefruit into a salad 
  • Toss a slice of grapefruit into a red or green vegetable cooked in butter or spices
  • Serve a one-half grapefruit at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, with food composed of vegetables, mix protein, fat, and a cup of cooked freekeh, spelt, teff, farro, or quinoa.

Grapefruit diet 

Generally speaking, a grapefruit diet is not a be-all and end-all diet. 

While grapefruit is desired diet for weight loss, it is also best if served with other protein-rich food.

Compared to the cabbage soup diet that can be taken as a single form of diet, a grapefruit diet is ideal if it is being incorporated with your other weight loss meal plan.

As cited by various studies, the grapefruit diet is not a myth.   The grapefruit diet is definitely an option to consider for anyone wishing to lose weight. Another fruit that may aid weight loss is Key Lime.