Losing Weight Fast at Home Without Equipment

Losing weight is not about having a perfect body, but about activating the organism in simple exercise routines in the comfort of the home. There are many studies and scientific reports that talk about the benefits of exercising, but only the idea of buying expensive equipment or paying for a gym discourages a large number of people, not to mention the difficulty of finding time within our hectic life, both work and social.

Best exercises to lose weight at home

Leaving aside the statistics that seek to determine exactly how much exercise should be done, here we offer a series of recommendations so you can begin to get fit without spending money and that you can accommodate at any time in your agenda.

Activate the pulsations with top home cardio exercises

Cardiovascular exercises are based on making movements to boost your heart rate and increase blood circulation around your body. The first 5 movements do not include jumps. They can be done in an apartment without disturbing the neighborhood. They will also benefit overweight people to preserve their back and joints (ankles, knees).

1. Burpees without jump

If you had to choose a single exercise to lose weight, go for the burpees! Very complete, the burpee is an essential exercise when it comes to working out. The principle is simple and the efficiency is formidable.

Instructions: Start standing up, squat down, then stretch your legs backward to find yourself in the position of pumps, take a leap forward to regroup your legs again, then get up. Then the exercise can be complicated by putting the torso on the ground or by making an extended jump when you get up. About 15 repetitions with intervals of 15 seconds of recovery.

2. Mountain climber

Mountain climber

The mountain climber is an effective exercise to burn calories while strengthening your legs and abs.

Instructions: Stand on the ground as if you want to pump, then bring your knees alternately to your chest. About 15 repetitions with intervals of 15 seconds of recovery.

3. Plank jumping jacks

A joint exercise between the cladding and jumping jack, plank jumping jacks combine abdominal muscle strengthening and energy expenditure. The top to refine its silhouette!

Instructions: The starting position is the same as for the mountain climber, in the position of pumps. The exercise then consists of spreading and tightening your legs quickly to gain intensity. At your convenience, you can also sit on the elbows, as if you were doing classic abdominal sheathing.

4. Squat

It is a less energetic exercise, but one that requires strength in the legs.
Instructions: With your arms extended forwards or sideways, go bending your knees until you form an almost 90-degree angle of your thighs with the ground. It is the top keep your back straight. About 10 repetitions.

5. Steps back

Instructions: Standing and with hands extended forward, move one leg backward. Retrieve the initial position and move the other one. Do it consistently and rhythmically. If you want a little more difficulty make a slight jump while changing legs. About 15 repetitions with intervals of 15 seconds of recovery.

6. Jump

Instructions: Place your feet in parallel, slightly separated. Bend your knees a little and push yourself up, stretching your arms up as you jump. About 15 repetitions with intervals of 15 seconds of recovery.

7. Star

Instructions: In a position similar to the previous exercise, jump open legs and arms, as if forming the image of a star. About 15 repetitions with intervals of 15 seconds of recovery.

8. Squat jumped

The squat is useful for strengthening thighs and buttocks. However, for a fast weight loss at home, perform also jump squat, or squat jumped. This exercise will not allow you to refine only your thighs, but your whole body.

Instructions: Do a squat, followed by a jump in extension, and so on. When receiving the jump, be sure to cushion the fall. For that, one receives rather on tiptoe, bending his legs to leave directly on a squat. This will preserve your back and your knees while spending a lot of calories!

9. Jumping jack

The jumping jack is a simple and effective exercise to lose weight at home.

Instructions: Start with your feet together, arms around your body. The exercise is then to make a first jump by simultaneously removing the legs and arms, then a second jump by tightening them. This sequence can be repeated more or less quickly during a given time or a number of repetitions. It’s up to you to manage your effort according to your abilities and objectives.

Strengthening your muscles at home

Exercises of strength and endurance will help you strengthen your muscles and improve your mobility. They will not make you sweat as much as the cardiovascular work exercises, but they will definitely improve your fitness and contribute to your health.

It is not necessary to have weights or elastics to perform these exercises since a few cans of beans or bags of rice can serve you.

1. Pushups


Place your hands on the ground in a straight line with your shoulders. Stretch your legs completely back to form a straight line with your back. Extend your arms and then bend your elbows lowering your body to leave it about two inches off the ground. If you find it very difficult, you can rest your knees on the ground. 12 repetitions.

2. Triceps

Sit on the floor with your legs forward. Place your hands on the floor, bend your knees and lift your hips off the floor. Bend the elbows to lower the body and then extend the arms. 12 repetitions.

3. Biceps

Grab an object with some weight with one hand. Standing, extend the arm down and in a single movement raise your hand by bending your elbow. Do the same movement about 20 times per arm.

4. Shoulders

With the same object in the hand and the extended arm, lift it forward until it is placed above your head. This movement alternates with another side where the arms are placed on the side and rise up to the shoulders. 12 repetitions.

5. Legs

To strengthen your legs, perform squats explained above and the lunge. The latter is based on placing one leg one step ahead of the other and from there go bending the knees to reach almost a right angle in both legs. The weight is kept on the heels. The initial position is restored and the positions of the legs are alternated.

6. Abdominals

With your lower back in contact with the ground, your knees bent and your hands behind your ears propel your shoulders upwards by about seven centimeters. Then lower and repeat the movement for about 15 times. Do not put pressure on the neck or bend it.

Also recommended is the stomach vacuum. The vacuum does not directly allow to lose weight. However, it requires the transverse muscle, thus allowing to obtain a flatter belly. Thus, it seems important to integrate it into your training program, especially at the end of the session.

Instructions: Lie on your back. Take a deep breath while tucking your belly. Continue to breathe calmly through the nose while keeping your navel pressed down. Hold the contraction for a few seconds and then release the pressure while exhaling before performing on a new repetition. 3 sets of 20 seconds are a good start.

Improve your flexibility and balance

Exercises that increase the flexibility of the body offer additional benefits no matter how old you are. Regularly doing a routine of this type of exercise helps you prevent injuries and reduces joint pain, as well as improving balance and coordination.

Yoga, Pilates, and Taichi are some of the modalities that stimulate flexibility, from which some basic movements can be incorporated into daily physical activity in the home.

While this type of exercise is not part of the recommended minutes should be devoted to a moderate intensity physical activity a week, a series of stretches to increase the flexibility of the body provides additional benefits when doing other routines of exercises, whether cardiovascular or strength.