Finding Fun and Interesting Ways to Stay Active Help with Weight Loss

Being conscious of your physique is not a bad thing, especially if it’s for the betterment of your being. These days, there are a lot of testimonies on how they lose weight and share their journey with everyone, which creates hope and confidence. It gets emotional most of the time because of the stories and the endured process towards the desired goals. With patience, it’ll all be worth it because it does not just improve physical appearance but health as well.

Now, it might be relatable when exercising weight-loss in actuality is kind of crucial and a little bit hard to regulate. Well, no pain, no gain. But you don’t have to be hard on yourself. Just at least take small steps at a time, and you will get there. To help you keep on going, here are the fun and exciting activities that you can do while losing weight and might become your preferred routine every day.


Female running feet in sport shoes

Walking might look so simple, but its benefits are grand because it helps to regulate weight-loss exercise a day. Evidently, it is the most affordable and convenient choice for anyone. In fact, you are already burning calories by just walking down the street, but it is much better to use a walk-meter to track the progress. Walking can already burn 200 calories in 30 minutes, depending on the weight, but you can work it out until you reach 10,000 steps a day. 

Since it is the easiest exercise to do, inside the home is enough by trotting around every corner or walking in-place. If you fancy, there are available treadmills in every gym, and you can also buy one for your home. To make it more enjoyable, hit some music and plugin earphones while walking along the park. While outside, you might observe well and appreciate nature, bird watching, humming, or staring at the trees can boost energy too.


Fit asian woman training fitness exercise sport workout online class on tv from home

Exerting energy with the beat and rhythm of the music is actually beneficial. For some, it is a hobby, but dancing can also benefit people losing weight. It is like having the time of your life while being healthy at the same time. Here, all ages are allowed and groove with the Zumba in malls or communities. 

Concerning the benefits, dancing can burn calories, improve the respiratory system, muscle strength, and increase self-confidence. It can make you productive all day and push you to do more for the following days. But do not exceed because too much is bad, it’s either you cramp hard or be got an injury. Follow the guidelines like stretching, always bring water to hydrate, have rest, and make the moves according to the instructor.


woman is preparing proper meal

It might sound ironic, but indeed, cooking is also a fun way towards weight loss. How is it possible? First, often take-outs or dine-ins to the fast-food chains can cause migraine, acne breakout, high cholesterol levels, increased blood sugar, and bloating. Pretty dangerous as it sounds. 

Meanwhile, homecooked meals are actually helpful to everyone’s nutrition. Surprisingly, consuming homemade dishes has fewer calories, especially when the kitchen is full of crops, herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Unlike when ordering fast foods, additives, artificial flavors, and a lot of cholesterol corrupt the body. 

Moreover, by cooking at home with a balanced diet in mind, you can control the meals on your plate. You can customize how much meat you will need, vegetables, rice, and sweets. The ideal portion in a plate is:

  • Vegetables – 2 to 3 cups
  • Grains – 5 to 8 ounces
  • Dairy – 3 cups (fat-free or low-fat)
  • Protein foods – 5 to 6½ ounces
  • Fruits – 1½ to 2 cups
  • Oils – 5 to 7 tsp.


People hiking in the forest during summer.

Hiking is an exciting activity for those who want to wander by niche, hobby, or even for soul-searching. Fortunately, it can also be help weight loss while having fun around. This can be done with friends or solo, but make sure to follow the hiking guidelines and the site’s rules. 

The benefits of hiking are lowering blood pressure, body fats, cholesterols, reducing heart disease, and improving mental health. Since these benefits are substantial, people can consider scheduling regular hiking, and it is best to follow the routine for the best result.


Backstroke swimming professional

Kicking on the water is undeniably enjoyable, especially in summer. To a not surprise, swimming is a good resort to losing weight because it can actually build up the body. That is why most swimmers have a muscular physique due to this activity and a balanced diet as well.

The aftermath of swimming can be so tiring for beginners, but it can work out through time if practiced continuously. Anyone can enroll in swimming lessons in their local regions, but you are also free to swim without those anytime. To have some variation with this activity, you can try:

  • backstroke
  • sidestroke
  • freestyle
  • butterfly
  • freestyle
  • breaststroke

In terms of benefits, it can burn calories in an hour, improve muscle tone, lower blood pressure, and regulate blood sugar. Again, it is best to make it a routine for better results ahead of the other activity.

Mental Health Benefits

Interestingly, weight loss is not just about physical appearance, but it also helps the mindset grow. The importance of physical benefits is just as substantial as mental health. It will boost the person to pursue and maintain a healthy lifestyle which will be the foundation of a good body. So, here are some of the mental benefits from losing weight:

  • Improved self-esteem. Looks at self with worth which is substantial not to degrade own body just because it is not the same with the others.
  • Positive mindset. It is always a good trait to not be afraid of trying and trying towards goals in life.  
  • Enough confidence. Facing other people is indeed shaking for some, but once built up, it will make the person radiate and do better.
  • Improved outlook. Despite some challenges, how a person will look at a thing would improve and take it as an opportunity.
  • Peaceful mind. This is a satisfying state, no worries every second, no bothering thoughts, and relaxed with no guilt.