Melissa McCarthy’s Secret to Lose Weight Will Leave You Speechless

After 2017, it is clear that in 2018, Hollywood will still be talking about Melissa McCarthy and her astonishing weight loss. Well, many thought that her secret to losing weight was a weight loss supplement like Garcinia cambogia. But the truth is otherwise. The actress of ‘Mike & Molly’ and ‘Gilmore Girls’ has always been noted for her sympathy, talent, and for not taking to heart the criticisms she has constantly had about her weight. She has always given statements about the confidence she has in herself and happiness with the body she has, even if she goes up or down in weight. Well again, Melissa surprised us with a little positive wisdom.

Melissa McCarthy has experienced a weight loss worthy of being highlighted on the cover of ‘People’ magazine in which she referred to different aspects of her life. Melissa referred to the noticeable weight change she has been the talk in the media. She confessed that she had gone from 120 to 99 kilos. How? Exercising and a diet low in carbohydrates, high in protein, the Ketogenic diet based on the reduction of carbohydrates, which should not exceed a total of 50 grams per day and increase of proteins and fat intake. In this way, the body is driven to produce the necessary glucose for the body autonomously, drawing from the fat reservoir. But, there is a secret recipe behind her weight loss. In case she said that there was a special trick she could share with the readers of the magazine and this turned out amazing!

The actress said the following: “I really stopped worrying about it. I stopped over-analyzing, over-thinking, over-doing all things. I returned to what it was during my pregnancy and stopped being constantly worried about it and I think something happens when you release a theme and stop being so nervous and stiff about that, strangely, it worked. I think I could have figured out that before age 44, but whatever”.

Melissa understood that weight is a stress factor among many others

Food impulsivity is not specific to a particular emotion. It can be triggered by all sorts of emotions: anxiety, anger, sadness, boredom, guilt, shame… These emotions are not either specific to particular situations. Every area of our life is generating emotions: work, health, children, couple, family, friends … and, of course, also our weight.

The impulsive eaters cannot stop thinking about their weight when they are victims of a desire to eat emotionally. Henceforth, they begin the vicious compulsive circle. “Eating makes you fat, being fat makes you stress, stress makes you eat…”

Letting go: the way of Melissa McCarthy to drop pounds

Tired of scrupulously controlling your diet? Are you permanently counting calories that prove exhausting and ultimately untenable? You can finally lose weight without dieting … by practicing the letting go like Melissa!

The more you watch your diet, the more paradoxically you may regain weight over time. Letting go will just help lose weight permanently. How? Forgetting all the rules called “common sense” to eat “properly”. But be careful: let go is not to drop everything and go into food anarchy, which can only worsen things, but to give up control of your diet in a proactive mode. The food control is operated by our brain centers that manage hunger and satiety. Our conscious task is to listen to our food sensations and to obey them. So we move from proactive monitoring to listening to their needs. This is not so obvious.

Cultivate trust

To let go and lose weight permanently, it takes self-confidence! If you cling to the idea that you must have a lunch, even if you do not feel hungry, you may gain weight. Why? Because if you eat too much compared to your needs, you store fat instead of losing weight. The belief that you should not skip a meal proves just as harmful to your line. If you did not feel hungry, do not force yourself to eat.

Stop having the fixed idea of losing weight and seek instead to return to better health and form by making appropriate lifestyle changes.

Just adopting a well-balanced diet that incorporates good quality foods and doing cross-training (aerobics and weight training) are proven lifestyle factors for improving your health and your shape. The body fat will go away accordingly. Once these things become a routine as brushing your teeth or taking a shower, you will never be hyper-concerned about the need to lose weight or the risk of regaining weight.

Like Melissa McCarthy, stop constantly thinking about your loss of unnecessary kilograms to the point of being manic, and start loving your body. Make healthy food choices based on what you think is right for you, instead of eating the foods you think you should eat because they are very low in calories.

If you eat what you really want but in moderation, you will feel full and will most likely eat less in the end. You will then lose weight without even trying too hard.

Accept to lose weight at your own pace

When counting calories for years, hard to say overnight that you must forget everything. Anxiety to strip yourself of your beliefs which, even if they are harmful to your line and health, have the merit of reassuring. Yet it is this transitional “emptiness” that will allow a real change to begin. And letting go also means accepting not to lose weight too fast. Be listening to your body, and it will make you feel good! Try not to over-intellectualize your approach to weight loss. If you understand well the source of your overweight, in this instance your erroneous thoughts, you will be able to radically change your eating behavior. The weight loss will be a natural consequence.

In summary, to lose weight permanently, you must let go by refocusing on yourself, your feelings and your real dietary needs. Simply: stop thinking about it and worry too much. It’s that simple, or at least it sounds that way.

That leaves all women who break their minds thinking about weight with a great weight loss lesson from Melissa McCarthy: let it go. Be happy and the anxiety that you generated before those thoughts, will leave and stop translating into binge eating. No one could have said it better than Melissa McCarthy did.